Hi. I’m Scarlett! Because I work so closely with my clients and I get to see such a personal part of their lives, I think it’s important that you not only like my work, but you also like me! Check. Me. Out.


  • I am a Registered Dietitian by trade and I love learning how the body works, what foods are best for me and feeding my body whole-real foods.
  • I LOVE chocolate, but only dark. I have zero will power when it comes to chocolate (and puppy chow).
  • Jonathan and I will celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary in 2017! We met when I was 15 and married at 21. Young love at its finest!! 
  • I love endurance, check that, I love killing my body in all ways possible. I love marathons, triathlons, iron(wo)mans. 
  • I hate Coffee, (don't hate me!) but I love the smell and will often hold my husband's coffee until he wants another drink. 
  • I am not going to lie to you and tell you I watch the History Channel – I don’t. I watch Bravo. I love Bravo.
  • Jonathan and I welcomed a baby girl in October 2016 - Everlie Blum Crews. Being a mom and a business owner has a great big learning curve, but she makes me feel like a rockstar while getting there. #momboss
  • I've moved 7 times (4 states) in the past 10 years. I'm more than thrilled to settle down and call St. Louis my home (again). You can read a bit about why we moved to STL here. "I'm from the Lou" - Nelly :)
  • I love to capture the world’s culture through my lens. I would jump at any opportunity to explore this planet! Check out my recent travels!
  • Running shoe size 11. yes, 11.
  • I rarely wear makeup and feel most comfortable when my hair is in a ponytail.

That’s it. Now you know a little about me. Hopefully you’ll like me just as much as I can tell I’m going to like you!