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St. Louis Engagement | Jake & Erika

I've known Jake since I was a kid. Once, in elementary school, I took his pencil in class (I doubt he remembers this) and never gave it back. :) When I was 15, I met Jake's brother (who turned out to be my soulmate) and was welcomed into the Crews family. Because I've known Jake more than half of my life, he's like a brother to me. Like a sister would, I wanted nothing more than to see Jake find his perfect person. He has a heart of gold and a hysterical sense of humor - not just any girl would do. 

Jonathan and I met Erika during Christmas at dinner over Indian food. She was so sweet - laughed at our corny jokes, brought us a Christmas gift (turns out - she always knows the perfect gift to give) and looked at Jake the way I look at Jonathan. We immediately loved her and knew she was the one. Over the last several years, we've watched their relationship grow into the perfect counter balance. They are so similar, but different in all the right ways. 

I can't wait to watch Jake watch the love of his life walk down the aisle. :)