Hi. I’m Scarlett! Because I work so closely with my clients and I get to see such a personal part of their lives, I think it’s important that you not only like my work, but you also like me! Check. Me. Out.


  • I am a Registered Dietitian by trade and I love learning how the body works, what foods are best for me and feeding my body whole-real foods.

  • I LOVE chocolate, but only dark. I have zero will power when it comes to chocolate (and puppy chow).

  • Jonathan and I will celebrate our 11th year wedding anniversary in 2018! We met when I was 15 and married at 21. Young love at its finest!!

  • I love endurance, check that, I love killing my body in all ways possible. I love marathons, triathlons, iron(wo)mans.

  • I hate Coffee, (don't hate me!) but I love the smell and will often hold my husband's coffee until he wants another drink.

  • I am not going to lie to you and tell you I watch the History Channel – I don’t. I watch Bravo. I love Bravo.

  • Jonathan and I have two baby girls - Everlie Blum Crews (turned 2 in Oct) and Magnolia (Noli) Mae who was born July 2018. You can see their birth stories here: Everlie & Noli. Being a mom and a business owner has a great big learning curve, but she makes me feel like a rockstar while getting there. #momboss

  • I've moved 7 times (4 states) in the past 10 years. I'm more than thrilled to settle down and call St. Louis my home (again). You can read a bit about why we moved to STL here. "I'm from the Lou" - Nelly :)

  • I love to capture the world’s culture through my lens. I would jump at any opportunity to explore this planet! Check out my recent travels!

  • Running shoe size 11. yes, 11.

  • We are working toward living a low-ish waste lifestyle in our home. Our planet is in desperate need of big changes and we’re fighting hard in our little corner. Two littles make it so challenging and we fail a lot, but we’re trying our hardest: progress over progression.

  • I rarely wear makeup and feel most comfortable when my hair is in a ponytail.

That’s it. Now you know a little about me. Hopefully you’ll like me just as much as I can tell I’m going to like you!