Magnolia Mae Crews

Born July 19, 2018 | 9:48p | 7lbs 7oz

I was told that all subsequent pregnancies keep getting more difficult. My gosh, that is true. This pregnancy was a lot harder on my body than the first time around. I had varicose veins that made me look like a 90 year old woman, including varicose veins in places you'd never want them... I was forced to wear chest-high compression tights while it was a balmy 150 degrees outside in Missouri summer. I developed diastasis recti, which is where your abs literally split apart - really fun... You could fit four entire fingers between my ab muscles.  I actually loved being pregnant, despite everything I experienced, I still loved watching my body change and grow. I soaked in every kick or hiccup I felt from her. Being pregnant made me feel like this superwoman, reminding me that we women are incredible and so strong. We create, carry and deliver real little people! That's pretty dang impressive.

Magnolia's Birth Story
I started to labor on a Wednesday afternoon. I wasn't sure it was labor because the contractions were nothing like I had experienced with Everlie. I had a doctor's appointment the next day, so I waited and labored at home until seeing my doctor, who promptly told me I was 4.5cm dilated and needed to head to the hospital. Somehow I didn't feel like it was that imminent, so I went home, showered, waited for Jonathan and we walked around Forest Park for a while before heading into the hospital. I immediately asked for an epidural when I arrived. Honestly, my body is literally housing and growing this human, I didn't need to prove my superpower to myself and wanted to really enjoy the experience. 
We had arranged for Alex Mooney to come photograph the birth, so we waited until the 7cm mark for her to make her way over to me. I stalled at 6cm for several hours, so we waited to call her, hoping the next check would be a progression. After two checks and four hours of measuring the same, all of a sudden I knew it was happening. The nurses checked, told me I was complete and immediately ran around calling the doctor and told me everything was fine, just "DON'T PUSH". I held that baby in with all my might because I was NOT going to deliver this kid without my photographer. :) 15 minutes later, the doctor arrived, everyone was in position and they asked me to do a "practice push". I flat out told them I'm not letting go of this kid until Alex arrives. Just a few minutes later, she comes rushing into the room, camera in the air, and all at once I began to push. With just a few pushes and less than 10 minutes, she was here. 

Our Magnolia Mae Crews joined our family and turned us into a family of four. I am so grateful for this life I get to lead; two beautiful, healthy daughters and the love of my life by my side. I wake up every day thanking the heavens for my life, because I know very well how fast it goes and quick it can be taken away.