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Tessa, Josh and their sweet girls are my new favorite family. They're doing an exceptional job at raising their daughters to be great people and they clearly have such respect and love for each other. It's a great thing to be invited into a family's home and immediately feel welcomed. Their life is just as hectic as everyone else's is and they're doing a beautiful job at making it a wonderful world for their family to grow together in.  

In-home lifestyle sessions are incredibly essential, in my opinion, especially to a young family's life. You walk into your friend's perfectly clean home and see their perfectly, matching, smiling photo of their family on the wall. You immediately think their life seems so perfect. Meanwhile, you wonder how you would ever bribe your kids to smile and keep the peanut butter off their shirt. The truth is, no one is perfect and these perfect photos don't tell their real story - the story they wish they would have told when they look back years from now. 

The thing is, you are not here to compare yourselves to your friend, your neighbor or the PTA president at school. You are the best family you can be and you have your own story. An incredibly unique one that your girls will ask you to tell them over and over again. You have your morning rituals, their favorite snacks and the stuffed animal that you would be lost without if it ever went missing. 

I encourage... I beg you to tell that story. Document a day in the life of your family and see just how wonderful it is to be IN the photos with your family. Months and years from now, comb through your family's album and laugh with your daughters at the silly dance they did or point out the snack they HAD to eat everyday. These are the moments, because they're fleeting and will be gone in the blink of an eye. 

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