It's about time...

Being a wedding photographer, the most important part of my job is telling my couple's love story. Everyone's story is so unique and perfect in their own unique way. It's about time to tell my love story with a really awesome new chapter. :) 

It was the end of June, summer of 2001, when this adorable shaggy-haired blond boy asked me out to Steak & Shake and to see Atlantis (the cartoon) at the movies. I was 15 years old and somehow knew the rest of my life was going to be with this boy. 

Fast forward to 2006. Jonathan was on a medical mission trip in Tanzania and I was studying abroad in Nice, France. I was about to leave for a solo backpacking trip through Europe when my mom intervened and said I had to stay and wait for a package to be delivered... So, I waited in my dorm room for a knock at my door and found that the package was actually Jonathan! He surprised me by joining me on my European adventure and proposing!! 

After Europe, we had a summer garden wedding in 2007, moved to Chicago, adopted our Great Dane, Maggie, and then moved to Omaha in 2012, where Lincoln (another harlequin Dane) joined our fam. 

After almost 9 years of marriage, 15 years together, we can't think of a better next chapter for us than to bring a little nugget into our lives. Little baby Crews is due at the end of September and we couldn't be more excited! :)

So far, this pregnancy has been great. The first trimester wasn't that easy, but luckily passed quickly. It's safe to say that part of me is made of chocolate. I love it. There are tubs of ice cream in my freezer on a consistent basis. Weirdly enough, I wanted nothing to do chocolate the entire first trimester and into some of my second. I couldn't get enough salt. I'm over salting everything and constantly crave salty, crunchy carbs (welcome to the club, right?). :) I'm 20 weeks along now and we'll find out the gender this week! Rest assured, I'll be sharing all kinds of updates on this pregnancy and bringing baby Crews into the world!