Lifestyle Engagement Photography | Omaha | Derrick & Taylor

What do you do in the heat of the summer when you're in love? Eat ice cream. (Well, that's true all year round) Derrick and Taylor are the. cutest. They're ridiculously gorgeous, super sweet and completely and totally in love. I met Taylor, her mom and Derrick and I felt like a part of the clan from the start. Derrick is a gentleman, at its finest. He holds doors open for you, he checks in to make sure you're ok and he is always on the lookout for his lady. Taylor is as cute as a button. She has the best smile, loves life, but there's nothing she loves more than her Derrick... I am so happy to get to be a part of their perfect love story! 

Their proposal story (they're the cutest):
Derrick's version: I sent her on a scavenger hunt through Omaha to all the important places to us starting at the golf course where I asked her out. Each clue included pictures of us from the previous clue. Then I sent her to her dads office where we'll both be practicing, followed by the ballpark where the CWS is held every year. She then went to the Centurylink center where we had watched concerts together before she met me at M’s Pub for dinner. After dinner we went to the Gene Leahy Mall bridge for the last clue. On the back of the clues when put in the right order it spelled out will you marry me!
Taylor's version: Derrick planned an amazing scavenger hunt around Omaha to all of our favorite spots! Golf course where he asked me to be his girlfriend, concert arena where we saw Bruno Mars for our 1 month anniversary, even dinner and drinks at our favorite restaurant! The last clue led us to a bridge downtown where he asked me the question I had been waiting to hear since the day I met him! Although I knew I wanted to marry him from day 1, he completely surprised me when he asked! It was perfect!