Newborn Lifestyle Best of 2015

2am feedings (and 4am and 6am...), 20 diaper changes, 72 hours with no shower, 45 minutes of consecutive sleep - all to bring this little gem home. To your home, to her home and to the home that holds all the memories you've gathered and nurtured for her to soak in and learn from as she goes from snuggling, to crawling, to running to sleepovers with her besties.

These memories are exactly why I do newborn lifestyle sessions. You welcome me into your home and show me around. You point out the photo of your grandfather during the war and the blanket you keep by your bed that your husband's great grandmother knitted for his mom and for him and now for your little one. You've put so much effort into decorating her room just perfectly and now you finally get to place the missing piece - your sweet little heartbeat. The memories you make and emotions you feel for your new family can't be understated and I am humbled every time I am invited in during such a private and personal time of your lives.  

Here are a few of my favorite moments between this new little gift and her brand new family. :)