Old Market Downtown Omaha Engagement | Molly & Chad |

It's easy to get caught up in the planning of the wedding: the colors, the decor, the flowers, the dress - and it's easy to lose track of exactly why and what you're working so hard for. Molly and Chad never lost sight of exactly what was most important: their love, their marriage and their future. It's unique to meet two people so in love, so similar in personalities and so genuinely happy to be right here, wrapped up in love and so ready to be married. They're the kind of people that make a stranger feel like family. From the very beginning, it's been so easy to tell their love story because it's so obvious - nothing comes above each other. These two deserve an entire lifetime of pure happiness. 

What do you love about Chad? 
man of his word
commits his all to everything he does
treats me like a lady with respect
"I can't wait to be his wife"

What do you love about Molly? 
Makes me laugh
incredibly kind and caring
my best friend
"I am so lucky to have her in my life"