Omaha Engagement Photography | S'mores and Champagne | Sarah & Dave

Sarah. She laughs a lot and uses exclamation points and smiley faces almost as much as I do (one of my favorite things about her)! She's gorgeous, caring and brightens every room when she walks in. While Sarah is giggling away, Dave can't take his eyes off of her. They are so in love with each other (and their dog) and it shows with their every move! I cannot wait to share this day with them! :) 

The adorable Proposal story!! "Well, first you should know that I had bought Dave tickets to a Maverick’s hockey game (which he loves watching).  The day beforehand he told me his dad had a gift card to The Boiler Room that he wasn’t going to use and he had already made a reservation.  The reservation meant we would have to miss the hockey game.  I was slightly annoyed since I bought the tickets, but mostly I was suspicious because normally Dave would neverrrr pass up hockey to go to dinner.  So, I painted my nails that night “just in case.”  So we show up and the restaurant is amazing, he orders a REALLY expensive bottle of Austrian wine, but it still felt just like a regular night out for us.  I texted my roommate while he was in the bathroom and told her I didn’t think he was proposing that night.  Ten minutes later he comes back and acts all nervous and says “Can I be cheesy for a minute?” and then he got down on one knee and it happened! Our waiter was in on it of course and promptly gave us champagne and I just could not stop staring at my new ring and smiling at him.  We left the restaurant and I called my family first, then on to my two best friends from home.  He did ask for my dad’s permission, we’re both traditional that way. Neither of my best friends answered, and I was a little upset. I mean what else could they be doing?!  Anyways, we went to meet his roommate and girlfriend at Wilson and Washburn downtown and we walk upstairs… come to find out ALL of our closest friends were waiting to surprise us!! That was when I started bawling; I was in complete shock.  We spent the rest of the night celebrating and bar hopping downtown.  Definitely a night to remember."

Why Dave loves Sarah
She's Intelligent
Challenges me to be a better person
She's really really cute

Why Sarah loves Dave:
Great listener
He's proud of me
His AMAZING hair