St. Louis Birth Photography | Welcome to the World Jackson

Birth stories are incredibly personal, unique, unpredictable, unexplainable and often highly emotional. They're like nothing else you can witness. I never understood the power of a birth story until I had my own daughter. The entire family goes through so much emotional and physical change in the months (and sometimes years) leading up to the birth. The moment your baby is born, you immediately count fingers and toes and wait for that first cry of life. 

Raquel and Andy have a beautiful and spunky 4 year old daughter. They have been gathering clothes, personal items and setting their hearts on another little baby to come. After years of trying, they finally got pregnant and the next 9 months were a whirlwind.  

Babies are never predictable, even when you have a scheduled plan in place. This little guy decided to take his own route and left mom with a high fever and a trip to surgery with a c-section. The birth took a scary turn for mama, but thankfully everything is perfectly smooth now and this sweet family is home celebrating their brand new family of four. 

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to document such an important moment in their lives. Nothing is more intimate and special than a birth and, even after crawling back in bed at 5am, I still loved every minute of it. :)