St Louis Family Lifestyle | At Home with the Sungurs

Home. There is not one place on Earth like. It’s where you snuggle with your kids, where you climb under the covers when you’re not feeling well and it’s where you feel yourself. It only makes sense to document these memories at home.

As a parent, I count the minutes to bedtime and then obsessively look through photos and videos of my girls’ day. Was I in any of them? Maybe one, a selfie where my head is cut off. Did I have my phone out taking those photos and not being 100% fully engaged? Sadly, yes. We parents are trapped in this bubble of photographing our kids with our phones and not being fully present. We watch our child swing on the swing, but we’re looking at the phone instead of their faces. It’s something I hate catching myself doing.

Inviting a lifestyle photographer to come into your home or to meet you at your favorite family activity will allow you to be fully engaged with your children, play, laugh, hug, kiss and just be together while getting to cherish these moments through beautiful photographs with the entire family in them.

I want to look back on these years and remember this perfectly imperfect life. I am so thankful that the Sungurs understand the importance of this. I am so honored they asked me over. xoxo

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