St Louis Newborn Lifestyle Photographer | Welcome Home Logan

By the time you have your third baby, you're a seasoned pro. I walked in and the older kiddos were having a blast running around, playing and laughing. Then, Katie and Mike leisurely walk in, newborn in hand, looking un-phased. At this stage of my newborn-hood, I was a complete mess, sleep-deprived and barely hanging on - that was with just one child. They make having kids look easy. Not to mention, Katie runs one of the top event planning companies in St. Louis, Katie Saeger Events, so juggling a million tasks at once is her bread and butter. :) 
Newborn lifestyle sessions turn into family documentary sessions every time. These are precious moments in your entire family's lives that mean so much when the new little person is added. It's really essential to see where each family member is in their little lives, as well. These proud big siblings were so excited (until it was lunchtime) to hang out with their baby bro. It was the perfect little session for the perfect little family. 

If you are on the fence about choosing an in-home lifestyle session for your new family, let me whole-heartedly convince you to do so. It's the best way to capture your new family's real-life story. Let's plan your session!