St Louis Newborn Lifestyle Photography | Welcome Home Landon

You think you can't love anything more than your first born. Then, you bring your second home and witness the love between siblings and your heart suddenly doubles in size in an instant. There really isn't anything sweeter than seeing your little family grow by so much. 

It makes me so happy when families choose to document their first few weeks together in their home. A documentary lifestyle session gives these sweet families a story in photos to share with their kiddos for years to come. They thumb through the coffee table book of photos of their family and tell their boys of how Landon was born in this house in St. Louis and the two stuffed animals that Deegan chose to give his brand new baby brother. They have a perfect family story and I was lucky enough to capture just a tiny glimpse of it. 

Have a new little one coming and want to tell your family's story? Let me come and hang out. :)