Omaha Lifestyle Photography | Air Force | Leslie + Allen

Just your every day love story... Leslie and Allen are both in the U.S. Air Force and were married just this past August. They found out during the honeymoon that they would be deployed and separated for a year; Leslie to South Korea and Allen to Portugal. They have so much respect for each other's careers and the love they both share for each other that it was a decision they both knew was right. I was so honored to be asked to spend a day with them. To give them memories in print that they'll be able to hold on to and cherish the little things over the next year. These two amazingly strong and passionate people are exactly what this country is thankful for. I so appreciate and respect your service for our country and your diligent effort to always keep us safe, while I sit in my yoga pants and snuggle my dog. :) Thank you for letting me a part of your incredible love story.  scarlett