Nebraska Country Engagement | Michaela & Chase |

Michaela and Chase both walked into our meeting smiling from ear to ear - I knew it was foreshadowing to what I would be experiencing with them. Some couples are just so happy to be in each other's presence and these two couldn't be happier. For me, laughter is one of the most important things that can bring two people together and Michaela and Chase are never short on loving giggles. I love watching their love fill the room and I can't wait to share the day their two souls become one.

The proposal story: "Chase surprised me at my family's farm by saying he just wanted to go have supper with my friends and I. My mom then told me we had to go out to feed the horses before we left. He had a painting of my horse, Skip, up in the barn (which I walked by 4 times before he asked me if I finally saw it). A teammate of mine from UNO had painted it for me. I was really surprised and thought that was it. (I was hungry and wanted to go eat). He said he had something else for me and that's when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes! He then had surprised me by having both of our families and everyone on my volleyball team come down for supper and to hangout!" 

Why Chase loves Michaela
the way she loves me
she's kind, loving & caring
her smile makes me smile  

Why Michaela loves Chase
he's my #1 supporter
he's my best friend
he cares about everyone