Erin + Steve | engaged |

The cutest proposal story ever:  "Steve sent me a written invitation to dinner on my roof top for the evening of 10/24/14. I was pretty convinced that he was going to propose- he did, after all, invite me to dinner on the roof top and he had already told me that he had bought a ring, but I wasn't completely sure so I didn't tell anyone that I thought he was going to propose just in case I was wrong! Then that evening he had used the patio furniture table on the roof and our camping chairs to set up a place to have dinner. He also had LED candles and music playing on a battery operated radio. He had brought the same dinner that we had had our first date (which I thought was a little comical actually, because I hadn't liked what I had had that night, and he had food poisoning that night so he didn't eat his dinner at all). We ate, we talked for a while reminiscing about our relationship, and star gazed (the sun had just set), and then we danced a little. And then he proposed- down on one knee and every thing. I didn't have to think about it at all, I said yes, and that's that." I cannot wait for these two lovebirds to carry on this story to their wedding day at the Zoo

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