jochem + jamie | married |

Probably the coolest people I know, Jamie and Jochem have done more for this world, straight out of college, than many of us have done in our whole lives. J & J, along with a ridiculously awesome group of people, traveled the world on a mission to support and help needy communities - 11 countries in 11 months, to be exact. World Race is an amazing organization and one that I wish I participated in! Sometime during this eleven month journey (it's still up for debate exactly when), Jochem and Jamie fell in love. Two hearts that shared the same spirit and soul, the Veldhuijzens made their love known and their intent to marry soon after they landed back in the States. I was invited to join starting with their incredibly fun engagement session! And, in a fast three months, the amazing Moats - Veldhuijzen clan got to work, decorating, planning and making their dream come true. Their guests traveled from all over the world to help them celebrate - and what an evening it was. I am BEYOND honored to have been included on such an amazing love story. #jjjweddingwonderland xoxo  

Can I join you on your journey to getting married?! I would LOVE that - call me! p.s. I love to travel! ;) 

Ceremony: CityLight Church

Reception: The Living Room

Jamie's gorgeous dress: Ready or Knot

Flowers by Shamrock & Thistle 

DJ: Sherri Cohen Vollmer

Cake: Brittani Tanhueco