Going back home.

I grew up in a small town: Farmington, MO. We lived down a gravel road and spent hours wandering through the woods on four-wheelers. I was a country girl through and through. Somewhere along the line, I set my eyes on a much larger and chaotic lifestyle - I wanted to go to the city. Luckily my boyfriend, who happened to be from the same small town, felt the same way I did. So, we got married in college and left for Chicago. We traveled our hearts out and couldn't get enough of the city lifestyle. We were proud that we biked everywhere, drove like maniacs and spent more money on parking tickets than groceries. We had no intention of moving back to Missouri.

A few years a few more stress-wrinkles later, tragedy struck for the second time in our family. We missed our favorite people more and more and realized that we not only wanted to start a family, but we also wanted our family to grow up knowing their cousins and grandparents. Frankly, we wanted to be around family for ourselves, too. We wanted pop-in family dinners, a mile-long guest list for Everlie's birthday parties and we wanted to be a part of the cheering section for all the games we've missed before. 

I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur and I am super lucky to be in a career that allows me to re-establish my business in a new city. It's certainly not easy and I'm fumbling more than I would like, but I know that the harder I dig in and work, the faster I'll reach my goal of setting my wedding photography business on fire in St. Louis. My stubborn personality won't let me settle for anything less. Here I come, St. Louis. :)  

lafayette Square Park