St. Louis Couples Photography | Dan + Cari

Chivalry - It's alive and well, ladies.

Cari, Dan and I met in Lafayette Square in St. Louis. She told me to look for the "tall red head" - my favorite kind of person. :) We hugged and Dan very respectively shook my hand. Dan is a police officer in St. Louis and loves nothing else more than fielding my endless list of questions about neighborhoods (moving to St. Louis has brought out my type A personality) and taking care of his lady <-- but mostly this. Cari said she had NEVER opened her own door. He has opened every. single. door. since they met. He even opened my door for me - the uniqueness of that is not lost on me! 

Even though I only just met them, you can tell their personalities are perfect together. She brings out a goofy side of him and he makes her feel beautiful. 

Meeting people like Cari and Dan make me so excited to move to St. Louis. 

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