Next Stop: OMA to IND

Ten years ago, I said YES to the man of my dreams and a lifetime of adventure, endless travel and fun. Then.. he decided he wanted to be a doctor. Medicine is a tricky field. It's easy to only see the end result and forget about the incredibly long and hard journey it takes to get there. When you're stuck in the middle of it, it seems like the end will never come. Fourteen years of school and training, a student loan debt larger than I care to admit, missed holidays, 10-minute dinner dates in the hospital parking garage and endless support and sacrifice from family and friends - that's all it takes. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful - I am so thankful for his drive, perseverance and his support of my entrepreneurial spirit despite being consumed by a physically and mentally demanding profession. He has never wavered in his confidence in me and my ever-changing desire to make my dreams reality - no matter how crazy they are. It really is true that I wouldn't be here without him, so it's only right that I support him in his dream, as long as it takes me to sunny and warm places...or Indianapolis... :)   

On our training route, we've traveled to Mizzou (MIZ!), Chicago, Omaha and now... Indianapolis for the last and final year of our journey. I am so sad to leave Omaha, but so excited for the future. Luckily, we have a few more months left in Omaha and don't move until late June. I've made the best of friends here, we bought our first house, gained our second fur-child and this is where I first spread my wings as an entrepreneur. Omaha will be a great highlight of our story, but I'm all about change - if I had my way, we'd move every few years forever. I thrive on the challenge of learning everything about a new city, discovering new local gems and meeting new best friends. Traveling is in my blood and I am really excited about our next adventure together. 

New city, new goals. In 2016, I need to see more of this world. I am not charging any travel fee this year!! -Yeah, I said FREE travel to whatever corner of the world you're getting married this year. Pack your bag, take your favorite people and I'll meet you at the airport. :) Let's see the world together!

If there is one thing that life has taught me, so far, it's to not be afraid to leap. Dive into your next chapter and embrace new experiences with open arms. You never know where your story will take you.  After all, we really only have one very short life to live. Look out Indianapolis, it's going to be a whirlwind of a year. :) 

even though it's blurry, it's still one of my faves.

even though it's blurry, it's still one of my faves.