Pokamoke Engagement Omaha | Jonathan & Kelsie | Part 1

Just like any regular fourteen year old, Kelsie and Jonathan spent their summers at YMCA Camp Pokamoke in Iowa. They camped, rode horses, went hiking and zip-lining, but what they didn't know is that they would meet their soul mate at camp that summer. Now, so many years later, they still giggle at each other like they were teenagers. These two beautiful souls are getting married and they're teenage-selves couldn't be happier. 

When you meet Kelsie and Jonathan, you can't help but notice how genuine they are. Their easy-going and fun spirit affects everyone they're with. They're the kind of people that you're instantly friends with. The kind that hug hello and goodbye (and when you randomly run into them at an airport). They are people that you just love from the start. They're my kind of people. :) 

My favorite part about photographing weddings is telling a love story. For Kelsie and Jonathan, that story takes three parts. :) Stay tuned for part two and three. 


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