Road Trip Engagement Photography | Annie + Luke

I met Annie and Luke over wine and pizza - I knew from the start that we'd get along just fine. Annie and I immediately found at least a dozen things we had in common and I fell in love with this adorably sweet and funny pair. They are so confident in themselves and in each other - they're the kind of couple that inspires those around them and infects the world with their charming personalities. One of their favorite things is to take road trips together. They cherish the moments they get to spend cruising through back roads, while taking in the summer breeze, just simply enjoying the presence of their forever love. I am so honored to be a part of such an incredible romance and I cannot wait to celebrate their adventure.  

The Proposal story: "One thing our relationship has taught us is about having plan a. b. and c. intact- just in case. On the day Luke proposed, Luke booked a hot air balloon, but they cancelled at the last minute. So… shift to plan b. Luke took Annie to Mahoney tower to show how he will conquer his fear of heights just to marry her, but it was way too crowded to be romantic. As is true for all things with us, plan c prevailed and we went to a nice park. He proposed the old fashioned way." A+L 6.4.16


  • kind-hearted
  • positive
  • hard-working
  • adventerous


  • caring
  • loyal
  • hard-working