engagement photo

Favorite Engagement Photos of 2015

After the YES! comes, the instagram #ringbling debut and everyone you pass on the street knows you're getting married, you start the real planning. Not the planning of a wedding event, but the planning of a celebration between two loves, two souls and two families. A wedding day is so much more than the perfect decor, the flowers, the dress or even the cake (barely!). The day you're planning is a day that brings your favorite people together to celebrate your unique love story.

THIS is why engagement photos are so important to me - they tell your story. Every story is unique, so every engagement session should be. We don't just show up to a pretty park and smile big. We go to the place you met, sit together and sip coffee and we even jump in a jeep and drive back roads together because THAT is what you love to do together and that is exactly how your love story should be documented. 

Below are just a few of my favorite memories from some pretty great love stories. :)