Elmwood Grotto Omaha Wedding | Teya + Nate

Teya and Nate's wedding day was filled with laughter, sweet tears of joy and hundreds of prayers sent up in celebration of this incredible union. Just to be around these two, you can feel the love they have for each other and all those around them. I can't be more thrilled for these two soulmates and I am so honored to have shared such a wonderful day with them and their families. 

"A bride spends so much time planning all the little details of her big day. After all, Hobby Lobby and Michael's were my BFFs for 11 months! But it wasn't the little details that made our day so memorable. It was the moments made by the time spent with family and friends. It was the moments like my maid of honor and lifelong best friend praying for me and my soon-to-be husband's new chapter in life together - just us two, only minutes away from the start of the ceremony. It was my mom working tirelessly and selflessly to make sure our day flowed smoothly. It was Nate pushing my 90-something year old grandparents in their wheelchairs down the aisle. It was my bridesmaids and personal attendants coordinating last minute to film our wedding so Nate and I can treasure that day forever. It was our family traveling from all over the United States to witness our love and commitment to each other. It was my stoic dad crying and holding me tight while we danced to "Daughters". It was the two minutes where my husband and I read our personalized vows to each other - him vowing to be by my side when I get pulled over for speeding, me promising to put our relationship first next to my relationship with Jesus...and Starbucks (half-joking). It was feeling beautiful standing next to the man I will call my husband forever - the man whom I prayed for, the man I believe with all my heart was made by God specifically for me. 
It was those moments I will remember and cherish forever. I know it won't always feel this wonderful, but I am relishing in this moment - for I have found the one whom my soul loves."  love, Teya & Nate