Omaha Engagement in the Country | Taylor + Michael

I instantly fell in love with Taylor and Michael. It's hard not to - they're incredibly sweet and genuine people. I connected with them immediately, mostly because they reminded me of my husband, Jonathan, and I. You see, we were just like Taylor and Michael. Young, giggly and so head-over-heels in love. Finding two people so in love at such a young age is rare and like gold when you find it. I see our love in them - the true, sincere and everlasting kind. Taylor and Michael are two people you want to cheer for, support and surround with love and I am so happy I get to be a part of it! I cannot wait to celebrate with them and their most important people on their family's winery in Western Nebraska. 

The Proposal Story: 

"Well….Michael’s family farms, so they have lots of land surrounding their house and on top of one of their hills they have an old abandoned farmhouse that we’ve always said we should build our house there some day! Well one Sunday when we were both at his house getting ready to go back to Lincoln his dad called in on the radio and said that Michael needed to go check the tanks. Nothing out of the ordinary there, so I go get in the pickup with him to go check tanks like we do all the time. So as we are driving through all the different pastures we finally go up the hill to the very last tank. So we both get out and walk up to the tank and he bends down to start “fixing” it and I was just looking around not really paying attention. Next thing you know he stands up and has a ring box in his hand! (it had been waiting for us in the tank) So then he starts talking and off to the side is his pickup parked there, and his little brother was hiding inside! And all the windows roll down in the pickup and our song starts playing, which is Dirt by Florida Georgia Line. So after Michael proposed, my entire family and his whole family run out from hiding in the house! They had all known and were secretly watching the whole time! But after all that we went back to Michael’s house and celebrated! :)"

I would love nothing more than to tell your love story! Get in touch with me and let's chat!