Summer Field Engagement Omaha | Teya + Nate

I met with Teya and we hit it off immediately. She is so genuine, laid back and has the sweetest personality. Even though they love everything opposite, they are somehow perfect together. When you see them, they just mesh. They balance each other out. After all, opposites definitely attract. I love watching them interact with each other like no one else is watching. I am so excited to be a part of their gorgeous outdoor wedding! :) 

The proposal story: "The night before I told him I was going out with my best friend. He told me not to drink too much because “we have plans”. He always says this and never tells me his “plans” so I went out and had fun anyway. The next morning he told me he was going to get a haircut and pick up lunch. FOUR HOURS LATER, I finally called him and said “where are you?” He said that the line was long for a haircut so he went to look at shoes – he was really looking for the perfect spot to propose to me at Chalco Hills. We went on a walk in the afternoon at Chalco Hills. As we were walking my hands began to get cold so I slipped my hand in his pocket. The ring box happened to be in the other pocket! Five minutes later, my other hand was cold, so I decided to switch sides and pockets. Nate smoothly switched the ring to the other pocket as I switched sides and I had no clue. We continued walking and went up a steep hill that left both of us out of breath. Nate wanted to sit down on a bench at the top of the hill – I said “Oh, come on, walk it off!” That was the bench he had picked out but I ruined it – oops! The next bench he said “Come on, let’s sit down.” I said FINE and we sat down. He said “So, are we going to get married some day?” Whenever he asks me that I say “Whenever you get me that ring!” He usually says “Some day” after I say that, but this time he got down on one knee and said “Well then...will you marry me?”☺ 

Why Teya loves Nate: "He is my better half. He balances me out. I’m the crazy one, he’s the calm one. I’m super impatient, and he has the patience of a saint. I always say too much and he tells me I need to keep some things to myself! He is a wonderful man – he treats me like a woman should be treated. He respects me and loves me unconditionally – even when I drive him crazy."

Why Nate loves Teya: "I love Teya's big heart and how caring and compassionate she is towards others. I love her outgoing personality - totally opposite of my own. I love her willingness to try new things, only if just once. I love how she can be fun and goofy with me when nobody is looking."